For most people the big download button will suffice, it holds the Monster Debugger as an AIR file. All necessary additional files can be copied from the application to your hard drive and you can launch the Monster Debugger game straight from the Monster Debugger as well. If you are looking for source code or an older versions of the application you have come to the right place.

All available files can be found right here. The project source and downloads are hosted on Google Code, you can find it by following the links for the repository. In case you do not have Adobe AIR installed, you can download it at

Old versions in 3.x cycle

Monster Debugger v3.01
Download / Repository / April 18th, 2011

Monster Debugger v3
Download / Repository / April 5th, 2011

Classic Monster Debugger versions

De MonsterDebugger v2.5.2
Download / Repository / April 5th, 2011
This version of Monster Debugger is the exact same version as 2.5.1, the latest version before 3.X. Difference is that we won't annoy you with any new updates, just in case you don't feel like updating.

De MonsterDebugger v2.5.1
Download / Repository / November 7th, 2009

De MonsterDebugger v2.5
Download / Repository / November 6th, 2009

De MonsterDebugger v2.0.4
Download / Repository / June 15th, 2009

De MonsterDebugger v2.0.3
Download / Repository / April 18th, 2009

De MonsterDebugger v2.0.2
Download / Repository / March 12th, 2009

De MonsterDebugger v2.0.1
Download / Repository / February 11th, 2009

De MonsterDebugger v2.0
Download / Repository / February 2nd, 2009

De MonsterDebugger v0.9
Download / Source code / October 15th, 2008

Download Monster Debugger the Game

Play Monster Debugger the Game everywhere you go without using this website by installing the following files:

  1. Install Adobe AIR, you'll need it to install the Monster Debugger and the Game.
  2. Install the Monster Debugger, it's the only way you'll be able to win.
  3. Install the Monster Debugger Game and kill bugs like a Monster!

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