About Monster Debugger

Monster Debugger is a free and open source application created by De Monsters. The first version of the Monster Debugger was created purely for internal use and helped us considerably with the creation of various Flash projects. Although the first version was never released to the public at that time, we knew that a lot of people could benefit from the application so we set out to create a new optimized version which was released as version 2.0 in February 2009.

Monster Debugger 2.0 was a huge success and we iterated on the application quite a bit and even received some very nice contributions form other developers. Overall this version has been downloaded more than 56.000 times, something we never expected to happen! But we had more ideas and started working on version 3.0 at the end of 2009.

Version 3.0 of the Monster Debugger boasts some very nice new features and can support an even wider range of debugging needs than previous versions. Besides that it also features a completely redesigned interface and we also included a game as an alternative to those boring tutorials you usually find online.

About us Monsters

De Monsters is a digital creative agency from Amsterdam. Since 2007 we create interactive products, both online and offline. We do this for humans but also for ourselves. Highly inspired by Maurice Sendak's "Where the wild things are" we wear our Monster suits with pride. With our suits on we leave behind our human weaknesses and biases, making sure we are able to overcome any obstacle and face all problems thrown at us.

"So what does it mean to be a Monster?", you might ask. For Monsters it is a combination of things. Besides the usual Monster traits such as being able to roar and scaring someone every once in a while, a true Monster in this pack is passionate about creating interactive products with the user in mind. Observing and getting to know the users of our products is a constant factor in the Monster workflow so we can design and develop the best possible user experience. We like Adobe Flash & AIR, C++, HTML, Ruby and many other development tools to turn the created designs into fully working products. All Monsters have a diverse background which makes it possible to take on a diverse range of products, a thing we are proud of.

We are the Monsters, GRAW!

The team behind Monster Debugger

Paul Reijnierse

Founder, Managing Director

Erik van de Wiel

Founder, Designer

Joost van Ginneke

Creative Director

Joost Harts


Stijn van der Laan


Denise Broekman

Front-end Developer

Joeri Lefévre


Robin de Jong

Internship Development

Levy Hagen

Internship Design


Office Dog

Suit up and become a Monster

We've got internships available. If you like the way we work and feel that you have a Monster hidden inside you, make sure you give us a roar. After all, it would be a shame to keep it hidden away.

Interested in learning more about your options at the Monsters? Vacancies at the Monsters.

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